I Like ’em Crunchy!

Show of hands, who loves French Toast? French Toast is probably my favorite breakfast food. And biscuits. Ok, anything that’s bread and carbolicious. Yup we’ve just added another word to the Foodie Dictionary. Now French Toast is pretty simple right? You’ve got your eggs, bread, some cinnamon and sugar. Maybe some fruit. The usual stuff. Now, how does Cornflake Crusted French Toast sound? Yes guys. CORNFLAKE CRUSTED. I don’t know who came up with this magical creation but whoever you are, can we be best friends?

On one of my many trips to DC (my favorite city besides San Diego of course) I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Washington D.C./Georgetown. Gorgeous hotel. Totally recommend it. While staying there I decided to try out their restaurant Cafe Deluxe. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda threw down. I had Applewood smoked bacon, the Iron Skillet Cinnamon Bun, Buttermilk biscuits with the most FANTASMIC strawberry jelly, and the French Toast. Yaaah let’s just say I waddled back to my hotel room for a nap.


Is this not the most beautiful thing that you’ve ever seen? French Toast is forever ruined for me. I want all my French Toast to be cornflake crusted from now on. It might sound strange but it was actually really delicious! It was delightfully crunchy on the outside and warm and lovely on the inside. You’d think the texture would be weird but it’s not! And there’s powdered sugar on top. How awesome is that? Oh but there’s fresh fruit on top too so you don’t have to feel guilty! It just works.

Does anyone have the courage to try making this at home? I’ll try it if you guys will!

Until next time food lovers!

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