Did Someone Say Brunch?

Brunch is probably one of the greatest concepts known to man. I feel like it was made for people like me: people that don’t always feel like being real adults and occasionally start their day after 10 am…okaaay sometimes noon. And because Brunching (yeah I just created a new verb) is becoming so trendy,  it’s ok, nay fashionable to have breakfast food later in the day. I don’t know about you but sometimes when I sleep in and I mean REALLY sleep in, I still want breakfast-y food for some reason. Solution: Brunch. Definition: all the magic of breakfast but in the afternoon. What’s not to like?

Sooo, I decided to make some omelettes today for myself and my boyfriend. Sadly, I experienced some ahem…spatula malfunctions with the first omelette. Yes, I just totally failed at flipping a circular piece of egg.  When I flipped it over it was just a pathetic, partially crumpled egg-y monstrosity. I would show you guys but I’m so ashamed. So very ashamed. I managed to fail less on the second omelette.


Here is what I used for my very simple omelette recipe. *Warning: must have superior flipping skills* 


Sunday Omelette

3 eggs

Spinach leaves

Tomato (diced)

Bell pepper (Idk what kind of cutting I was doing. It was some weird diced/julienne hybrid)

Black Forest ham

Pinch of salt


Shredded Colby-Jack cheese (or whatever cheese you like!)

Whisk your eggs in a bowl and add in your salt and your desired amount of pepper. Heat your pan to about medium high and pour your egg mixture into the middle of the pan (pouring a mixture into the middle of a pan allows you to create a perfectly circular shape in an even layer). Start sprinkling in your ingredients right after that. When you see the edges starting to firm up, it’s flipping time! Once your egg is cooked all the way through you can add in some shredded cheese if you like and fold that thang up!

Guys please, don’t be like me. I know you guys will do a much better job at flipping than I did. May the spatula be with you. Sorry, I just.. I couldn’t resist.

Now, I’d like to mention two things. 1) how much of each ingredient you use is totally up to you! 2) I used a smaller pan so my omelettes came out thicker.

What are some of your favorite Brunch items? Share below!

Until Next time food lovers! Happy Sunday!

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