Coney Island Cravings

Ok so this isn’t from THE Coney Island (Random fact: I’ve never been to New York. Crazy right?). This cheese laden creation comes from Coney Island in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This little spot has been serving up hot fresh chili-cheesiness since 1926.


What we have here is The Cheese Coney. It may look like your run of the mill chili dog. Cheese. Chili. Onions. But trust me, this is on another level! Firstly, they definitely don’t skimp on the cheese! Secondly, the chili itself isn’t some canned abomination. While I don’t know the exact ingredients that they use for their drool-worthy signature chili, I did detect a hint of cinnamon. I never thought to use cinnamon, but let me tell you, it works! This hand crafted chili recipe has a deliciously home-y smack to it. I’m talking straight out of Grandma’s kitchen tasty! How many fast food spots have food that tastes homemade?! I’ll wait…

Now as you can see, I have two hot dogs. I know what you’re thinking. Is she really that greedy or are these hot dogs just that good? Um, yes and yes. But let me clarify before you silently judge me. Yes I’m greedy (Not only do I tend to eat like a man, there are some things that I just can’t share. Like Oreos and popcorn.). Yes these hot dogs are that good. But… these aren’t your ballpark regulation sized hot dogs. They’re a little bit smaller than that so for me two is enough. Ok, it’s not like they’re drastically smaller than your average hot dog. This is just an excuse for me to eat an extra hot dog. But really they are a little smaller!

Are you guys as greedy as I am? Are there some foods that you just can’t share? Let me know! Until next time food lovers!

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