Put a Little Soul in it…

Hi all! Today I’m posting my blog’s first recipe! Put a little soul into your dinner with this recipe for my mom’s greens.

Just a note: some ingredients do not have precise measurements/instructions. My mom is a pro and kind of cooked by taste. Does that makes sense?  I hope so! Anyhow, these take a considerable amount of time to cook and my mom continually added seasonings throughout the cooking process. If you’re like me (still learning to cook) this recipe might be a little trickier. I personally feel more comfortable when I have exact measurements. I’m no Gordon Ramsay! But be brave my friends! We learn by jumping in that kitchen and getting our hands dirty! Buuut in the future I will definitely try to post recipes that are more exact for those of you who are learning along with me!


Until next time food lovers!



Mom’s Greens

Bunches of greens

Crushed red pepper

Garlic powder

Lawrys seasoned salt

1 onion (diced)

1-2 capfuls of vinegar

Smoked turkey knecks

Cook on low until tender.


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