a la mode’s the way to go.

Who doesn’t love apple pie? It’s the perfect dessert. There are apples in it so it’s basically healthy. Well, at least that’s what I tell myself.

If you’re a pie lover like myself and are in the San Diego area, I recommend taking a trip up to Julian, CA. This historic town may be famous for its apples and apple pie but there’s alot more that this little town has to offer. It only takes about an hour to get from SD to Julian so it’s a nice little day trip to take with family and friends. Upon driving into the small town you may feel that you’ve been whisked back to the 1870s. The town’s main street is lined with quaint historic shops that house anything from old fashioned candy to novelty toys to leather goods. Not only that, there are 11 local wineries/vineyards and 3 beer and hard cider companies should you wish to wander in for a tasting. You can even rent a boat and go out on the lake for some fishing.

Now I have to admit, my sole reason for visiting was to taste the famous apple pie. I loved playing tourist here but all I could think about was pie! There are several different places in town where you can buy pie but I decided to check out Mom’s Pies. As soon as I entered I was greeted with rows and rows of freshly baked pies lined up against a glass window. Today’s mission was to secure a piece of pie but I was quickly distracted by some very tempting caramel apples. No. Stay focused. Think about the pie! I decided to order a slice of the apple crumble pie but once I got up to the counter I cracked when the cashier asked me if I wanted pie a la mode. Um yes! Then I saw that there was fresh apple cider. How many times in your life do you get to have fresh cider? It would be wrong for me not to try it. How could I fully immerse myself in the experience without it? I know, I’m weak. But can you blame me?! I have no regrets.


For me, the highlight of the pie was the crust. Warm, crumbly, just a hint of cinnamon if I’m not mistaken. If Autumn was a flavor it would taste just like this.  The pie filling was tasty but not overly sweet. Not like the syrupy explosions that you’d find in a store. The cider, in a word – perfection. I’ll be honest with you guys, no sooner had I finished my treats did I order a whole pie to take home with me. Don’t worry, I shared!

So if you’re looking for a nice day out with your loved ones, take a drive up. Take in that small town charm. And of course, grab a slice of apple pie!

Until next time food lovers!

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