Beachy Delights: Part Two

What does everyone absolutely have to have when they go to the beach? Nooo not the perfect beach body. ICE CREAM! Cold, sweet, creamy, drippy deliciousness. If you happen to go to Pacific Beach, I recommend trying something different than the average drip-droppy ice cream cone. Mmmh, how about a custom, made right before your eyes ice cream sandwich?! Sound good? After gorging ourselves on nachos and stopping to take pictures of our toes in the sand (yes I know we’re ridiculous, but we really only came to the beach to eat) my best friend and I stopped in to Baked Bear.

Upon walking in, I was immediately hit with a huge sign of all the different ice creams and fresh baked cookies that you could use to make your custom ice cream sandwich. I have to admit, I was a bit overwhelmed. But in a “I want to eat every possible combination imaginable” kind of way. While perusing the cookie flavors I saw an alarming sign. Try making an ice cream sandwich with our fresh chocolate brownies. Oh no. Bad idea. Stick to the cookies. Wait, what’s this sign? We now offer doughnut ice cream sandwiches. Excuse me, what? Oh no they didn’t. Somehow I was able to force myself to just go with the traditional ice cream sandwich. But next time doughnuts, I’m coming for you!

Anyhow, I created this little beauty…

Ice cream sandwich heaven!
Ice cream sandwich heaven!

Picasso couldn’t have made a greater work of art! Ok not really, but you’ve got to admit it’s a masterpiece! Here’s what I chose to make this sugar coma treat: A red velvet cake cookie, a cookies and cream cookie, and the absolute loveliest birthday cake ice cream I’ve ever had. I felt sooo miserable after eating this but it was worth it. The cookies were definitely fresh but they weren’t scalding hot, meaning my ice cream sandwich didn’t look like a melted massacre! I can’t even describe how incredibly delicious this was. All I can say is go to Baked Bear. Just do it.

Until next time food lovers!

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