Beachy Delights: Part One

Foodies never take a day off, especially for a day at the beach! Last week I went to Pacific Beach in San Diego with my best friend. Us being the food obsessed creatures that we are, our main reason for a beach day was FOOD! I had come across this cute upstairs  beach side restaurant on Instagram called PB Shore Club. They are widely known for their yummy slushies and they seem to live up to the rave reviews. I didn’t try one but my bff did and she loved it. Don’t worry, we can trust her. She’s a foodie too! Anyhow. We decided to splurge on their “Nachos Gigante “. And boyyy were they Gigante! We’ve had more than our fair share of nachos (as this is our favorite choice of appetizer) but these sky rocketed to the top of our best nachos list. Not only were they gigante, they were extremely flavorful.

Gigante Gigante Gigante!
Gigante Gigante Gigante!

Loaded down with sour cream, heaps of gooey cheese, guacamole, juicy tomatoes, refried beans, black olives, and just the right amount of jalapeños, these nachos are the perfect beach day snack. You have the option of adding chicken or steak for an additional few dollars. Because we’re cheap college kids we went without meat, but they were absolutely delicious sans meat!

The shore club itself has the perfect relaxed vibe. While we were there, they played some fun country tunes that perfectly paralleled the lazy moods of the diners. The inside of the restaurant has large, open windows that overlook the beach. Perfect for some very interesting people watching. If you fancy dining outside, there’s a lovely, spacious deck to hang out with friends on those perfect sunny days.

Stay tuned for part two of my beach dining experience featuring a major sugar coma spot! Until next time food lovers!

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